Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2009


good morning in the first afternoon in 2009! you had a great new years party?
last day there was a great party at the serendipity beach at dolphin shack. woww
this day i rented a dirtbike honda cr 250 from a czech guy called peter near schnitzel wirtin for 15 us per day.
what a nice feeling to drive well balanced (from the hangover from yesterday) and controllable performance - you know.
i drove to the gate 3 at the harbour then right side and drove on a quarry. then i tried to get to the ream national park on the rough road beachside.
but i lost some parts from the front brakes and some cable clip to fix the front cover.
so i went back to the czech rental restaurant and repaired it.
then i drove to the wat leu for some praying with the monks. really nice to pray with them.

this is a wannabe dirtbiker with some hangover

the guys from the quarry. i let someone try my bike for a round.

otres beach (quit place)
that is a quit place without electricity

view from weater station hill

fixing the problemes

without frontbrakes it's really dangerous. when i tried to break i realised too late and i drove a little bit too far in some plants from a restaurant :))

wat leu

praying with monks

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