Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Bolaven Plataeu

this day i did a guided tour tour the bolaven plataeu!
This area of highlands situated at an altitude of between 1000m and 1300m is suitable for temperate crops. The French introduced the production of coffee, high quality stock of both arabica and robusta strains. The plateau is crossed by several rivers and has many scenic waterfalls.

coffee beans (arabica)

tea plantation

tools for making a tea

tad fane (120m height - the heighest of laos)

tad yeuang

market in paxxong

thats a skin from a buffalo (ggod for eating after cooking)

she sells a fish soup.... oh my god - it looks terrible

a coffin

red beans for sun drying (about 20 days)

smoking in a village (annemist)

a big stihl chainsaw

village from a alak and katu ehtnic minority

she was asking me for some soap to wash..
other woman asked me to get a medicine for fever

weaving girls

the girls upon 12 gett married and pregnant

they smoke alot


here i bought some souvenir


thats a hole where the boys can touch the girls in the night

this is a hut where young couples can stay together before marriage

laven minority people

bamboo bridge

tad pha souam

a laos group

that was our group

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