Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

Vang Vieng

good evening!
this day i did a 80km long mountainbike tour to the west from vang vieng.
i visited some caves.
tham poukham cave and lom cave.
i drove to the mountain phou hok leftwards, there a young farmer showed me his 'house' and invited me for some fruits for lunch...
v.v. is a really nice place. but too much drugs here - everything you can get happy or special.
that means cookies or drinks with ganja or opium or magic mushrooms - no problem.
sunset at vang vieng

sunrise in vang vieng

big hall in tham poukham cave

blue lagoone near tham poukham cave

view at a mountain top which was very difficult to climb ( 4+ in jungle degree)

i had to cross kneedeep water oftentimes

sticky rice for lunch

this young farmer invited me for some fruits

some beetles to eat - yummy

without my help they were not possible to drive uphill

working in a rice field

roofing shingle production

roofing shingle

good support

tubing in vang vieng - the last bar

lom cave near the tubing

1.5km long and very big halls and lots of stalagmites and stalagtites



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Flo und Dani hat gesagt…

Hallo Schweinegriller-Schorli!

Wie man sieht Du treibst Dich ja ordentlich rum, 80km bei der Hitze mit dem Mountainbike - bist Du da garnicht umgekommen?

Durchfall hatten wir beide Gott sei Dank (dreimal auf Holz klopfen) noch nicht, aber fuer den Fall das es einmal passieren sollte haben wir einen Haufen Medikamente dabei.

Machen uns am Samstag Richtung Battambang auf.

Liebe Gruesse
Chongo & Dani