Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008


this day i drove with my rented motorbike to the serendipity beach for a boats tour to some islands for snorkelling.
in downtown suddenly a police(3 guys) tried to check me and to stop me but i ignored it and indicated to stop but then i gave more gas and passed through. what a feeling. one policemen hit my bike with his leg.... you can imagine his bad face... :))) thats the way - just ignore them...but after tomorrow the motorbike drivers had to wear a helmet..then i did a boatstour to some island near shianknoville for snorkelling. nice corals and fishes and some big mussels woww.
so i had to stop now - i want to go to the party to the beach.
happy new year!!!
cya bernhard

nobody has seen this sport before.
some cambodian tried it - not bad for the first time

serendipity beach

sohka beach resort

schnitzlwirtin roman from vienna!
what a nice cordon bleue - meat .....

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008


this night i had to go 4 times for toilet....
i think there was something wrong last day with my food, perhaps the spider or perhaps the lunch in phnom penh... i don't know.
this day i went with a motorbike to some beaches in sihanoukville and to the ream nationalpark.

thats the serendipitybeach in Sihanoukville.
there are a lot of partys every night...

ream nationalpark


to this island i wade through the water...

Montag, 29. Dezember 2008


this day i drove from sieam reap to sihanoukville.
we did a rest at afternoon, there i ate a spider. :))
my stomach had some trouble for two hours....

at the bus break

the next time i'll try these stuff...

on the left you can see my spider what i ate (it cost 1000 riel)

thats my bungaloo at bungaloo village in Sihanoukville. i costs me 6 usd.

it is very rustic and is in the middle of a tropic garden with seaview....

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

Siem Reap - 3rd day

another day in siem reap after some party in siem reap.
the dinner was so good!!!
this day i visited first ta prohm then bayon in angkor tom and then angkor wat.

cambodian girls (sisters)
the left one is 22 years old and is married and has one boy with 4 month
the right one is 20 years old


monks walking into temple at bayon

view from bayon at the library

here are nice pictures possible
just put the girl in front with the nose from her to the nose of buddha behind or perhaps kiss....
too many tourists there to take a nice shot.


an artistically worked bas-relief representing apsaras (celestial nymphs) adorns a gallery in angkor wat. hardly to believe that this design is at least 800 years old!

monks are walking to angkor war