Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Fan Si Pan (3143m)

ascent at 5:30am from sa pa to the fan si pan via sin chai village

wood cutter - he would absolutely wanted to get my watch - thats is not so easy!
i didn't gave him the watch so he sent us to a supposed wrong way - well at least we refilled our water bottles.

refill the water bottle

unfortunately the wrong way

back again....

rest with rice and mandarines

silver waterfall

the first sign after 1.5h of straying around in the jungle after the entrance into the national park, where we didn't paid anything. we only went round the national park entrance. the man at the checkpoint said, we hado go back to sa pa to get a ticket with a guide. it was not possible to corrupt him, perhaps it is really too danergerous. normally in vietnam you can corrupt anyone. at 12am we marked a point of no return, if we wouldn't find the right way then we have to go back and try to engage a guide.

the beautiful tree population was formerly used for timber.
so they built a national park against clearing.

bamboo everywhere

camping at 2800m

normally we weren't allowed to sleep at the hut, because we had no ticket.
the mountaineers are linking together so that was not a problem.
wir were invited to nice dinner(much rice and vegetables and one chicken leg) with ricewine.

i gave the guide from the other group my second led-lamp. he can use it fore sure.

finally sunrise!

in the hut it was bloddy cold there, because i hadn't any sleeping bag with me. therefore i got a blanket and with 5 layers on the upperbody it was possible to sleep sometimes and don't get a cold.

manu from germany (his first 3000m mountain)

7 am - we managed the highest mountain of indochinas without any guidenormally they charge 85us dollar

in the north you can see china


our hut


these buffalo won't follow the hmong woman.therefore we so helped her as a beater until the bus was coming

the pass route down to sa pa

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