Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne

yeah thats life!!
mui ne is rocking with much wind!!
in the morning i drove with my rented motorbike to the fishing village in mui ne than to the red sand dunes and then to the white sand dunes.
riding with the motorbike without any international driving license you have to take care from the police.
they stand from 8:30 to 12:00 am and at 1:30am to... in mui ne.
some motorbike stopped me and helped me to get through this checkpoint... really friendly and helpful people.
at after noon i startet my kitesurfing at the windchimes surfcenter in saigon mui ne resort ****.
the service at the windchimes center is really *****.
thrang the owner is a nice guy and the employees too and they have the best equipment from north and na...
i drove first the north rebel 09 9m2 and then the rebel 09 12m2.
mui ne fishing village

red sand dune


i dont know what the fylfot stands for.

white sand dune

the wind started at 11am

tommorrow i want to go there for sunrise!

here is kitesurfing possible but the locals don't like it because they use it fort drinking water too.
it is not a really good spot (turbulences)

fairy streams

nice formations with sand

view from the windchimes center


Hübl Andy hat gesagt…

Yihaaaa! Geil, ich glaub ich sch... auf alles, buch mir einen Flug und komm rüber (sabber sabber)... Von zuhause nicht viel Neues, war bisher einmal auf meinen Tourenskiern unterwegs, noch kein Snowkiten möglich (kein Schnee im Norden), aber das kommt schon noch... Es ist Schnee angesagt am Alpennordkamm! Rock´n Roll Baby!

Schen Gruas,

Maria hat gesagt…

echt tolle Fotos

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