Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Hoi An - Vietnamese cooking class

yesterday night i went out for some cocktail in the tam tam bar.
thats also a nice bakery and patisserie. the tiramisu is so nice there;))

this day i did a vietnamese cooking class with julie from canada.
before cooking we went to the market and bought the fresh stuff like tofu, pineapples, onion, ginger, lemongrass ....
we managed 4 dished together.
*fresh springrolls with vegetable and shrimps.
*sour soup
*chicken with pineapple and onion
*pork with ginger and onion

for me it was not easy to understand the special terms - you know!
but nevertheless we had lot of fun and perhaps i am able to try some dishes at home too :))
this night i go forther to the south with the nightbus to nha trang.
that's famous for their beaches.

i am looking forward to do kitesurfing in mue ne.
because everyday they have now strong winds up to 30kn...

tofu should not taste like vinegar (not fresh)

the eyes around should be clear - then it is a fresh fish

one was still moving - you also have to press to the eyes - then they bring the eyes out and in . the faster the better - thats a sign for a really fresh seafood!

red chilli - very important

the cooking students with their cooking teachers

at the tam tam cafe for a dessert (tiramisu with green tea)
they know all the nice dishes! nice cooking in vietnam! wonderful!

lampions everywhere

bootsman - perhaps too much smoking


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