Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne with strong wind and 2.6m waves

this day was a wonderful strong wind again!!!!!
again 9 and 12m2 north rebel!
sometimes really massive overpowered!

everyday i buy there a pineapple. the girl open it for free!

kim a nice friendly "good girl"
we had a lot of fun in the morning and at night!

she wants to cut my long hair!!!

2 years old baby

here i was invited for some fruits and beer at 11am from american vietnamese people.
the left fruit is very expensive and costs 3usd per kg! it tastes like cheese! the nut inside you can steam!
in the bottom right thats the opened dragon fruit!

i saw some nice frontloops from windsurfers - respect!

the girl is rocking!

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Xand hat gesagt…

Hi Bernhard!
Really nice pictures!have a nice christmas and maybe a few presents!
Greetings from the "green" Ennstal!
There is no Snow for kiting!