Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne with strong wind

That is Mui Ne at it's best.
the strong wind started at 12:oo.
i drove the whole day a north rebel 12m2, 9m2 would have been possible too....
that jumps are getting higher and higher. the waves were about 2.5m
tomorrow i will need a massage because my neck and my beck area little bit tensed up.
i hour massage will fix it for sure...

windchimes kite and windsurf center

that is what i want to do with chongo :))

cya in mui ne.....

railey jump


Xand hat gesagt…

EInfach geil do krieg i glei an guster!
aber wir fliegen im Febr. für eine woche nach Safaga:-)Heute gebucht!

Lg Xand

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello Bernhard,
I wish you a Merry Christmas! Hopefully you find somebody who surprises you with a little gift...
It's too early wishing you a Happy Silvester Party since I wanna know how you celebrate the upcoming holidays.
Take care

bernhard hat gesagt…

hi xand!
its is a wonderful place for kitesurfers! easy going and hang loose!!
i wish you a mery christmas too franz!
i will celebrate christmas in saigon in the 1st dristrict. lets see.
tomorrow is my last day here... :((

Gruber/Steyr/Austria hat gesagt…

Hallo Bernhard!
Sind wirklich tolle Fotos.Nur weiter so!
Wir wünschen Dir noch schöne Weihnachten!
Gertie u. Ben!