Freitag, 19. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne

Xin Chao!
this day i did kitesurfing again with a 16m2. sometimes it was good overpowered....
i tried this day a hot pot with seafood . yummy!
so this night is a party at pogo.
cya (hen gap lai)

thats my direct view out of my window in the morning.
everyday early morning swimming then breakfast. that's a good start.
buddha(can be everyone or everything) says: everday is a new life....

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Xand hat gesagt…

Hallo Bernhard!
Wie gehts? geile bilder! endlich bist mal zum kiten gekommen! Bei uns regnets also nix mit snowkiten vorerst!
Grüsse aus dem ennstal!

p.s mi gfreists net in englisch schreiben;-)