Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

Phu Quoc Island

hi guys!
everything ok?
on saturday i had a flight from hcmc to duong dong on phu quoc island. (50$)
thats the best place so far...
wonderfull beaches
most friendly people
u can find so many not crowded places on the beach
i did a nightdive on saturday with x-dive
the visibility was now only 5m.
on january it is much better, but it was nice so many fishes and hard corals
but nothing compared to the red sea - you know.
after the nioghtdivewe went out for some drinks at the disco and when we drove home with the car, i wasn't able to find the right dark way to my bungalow so i slept at another place :))
nitrogen and bacardi is not the best combination...
ok last day i rented a motorbike and i drove on the island to the bai sao beach to the south with a girl called nhu.
what a nice beach - some wind there too. one kite was there... but no kite school unfortunately.
my beach at my bungalow.

bai sao


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello Bernhard,
Your better stop posting such great photos on this homepoge or I delete your linke entirely off my favorites!!!!
The Beaches are just awesome and....well.....your excuse of not finding the way home to your own apartement.... I didn't know your are such a great liar! Now we know, nitrogen and bacardi doesn't work well....what about the combination of nitrogen and other parts of your body?? I know, I'm a little too curious but this topic belongs to our "ENGEL's daily education programm".

No snow in Niedeösterreich yet just Kärnten got way too much! Since we are having a 3 weeks winter shutdown until 12th Jan due to slow busines. I'm getting a little pissed since no freezing temp either. No "Eisstockschiessen" is possible which makes matters even worse...

Anyways, I enjoy me lonely hours at work and I'm looking forward to your new stories about sun, beaches, girls and the answer to my nitrogen question!

Take care pal!!!

bernhard hat gesagt…

Dear eng. colleagues!
yeah i found so many nice beaches and girls.
on this island i had a lot of fun.
yesterday i had a really nice massage at 1:30 am at about 3euro per hour!!
what a cute girl!
nitrogen and other stuff of my body is ok too.
no curling stone - at will be ok in january i think!!
have much fun and dont drink to much coffee.
here the coffee is very dark and strong - what a nice drink here too!!
cya bernhard