Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne

this morning i got up at 3:45am. i drove early in the morning with my motorbike (about80km/h in the darkness also some road holes) to the white sand dunes about 35km.
i had to fight against at least 8 dogs they tried to attack me. i had some good lights so i blinded them and gave them a kick with my foot.
nevertheless i am reinoculated against hydrophobia...
there was such a quit nice sunrise there.
then i had to get back before 8:30am otherwise the police were checking the international driving license. they will distrain the bike for 40days and than you have to pay 1 million vdn.
than i had a nice kitersurfing day too!
the whole day with rebel north12m2. between 12am and 15am a litte bit owerpowerd. but my slogan is: "auf die dauer zaehlt nur power!"

sunset at mui ne beach

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