Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008


this day i drove with my rented motorbike to the serendipity beach for a boats tour to some islands for snorkelling.
in downtown suddenly a police(3 guys) tried to check me and to stop me but i ignored it and indicated to stop but then i gave more gas and passed through. what a feeling. one policemen hit my bike with his leg.... you can imagine his bad face... :))) thats the way - just ignore them...but after tomorrow the motorbike drivers had to wear a helmet..then i did a boatstour to some island near shianknoville for snorkelling. nice corals and fishes and some big mussels woww.
so i had to stop now - i want to go to the party to the beach.
happy new year!!!
cya bernhard

nobody has seen this sport before.
some cambodian tried it - not bad for the first time

serendipity beach

sohka beach resort

schnitzlwirtin roman from vienna!
what a nice cordon bleue - meat .....


Flo und Dani hat gesagt…

Hallo Bernhard-Schorli-Schweinegriller!

Wir wünschen Dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und viel Spaß bei der Silvesterparty am Strand.

Liebe Grüße
Mr. Chongo und Dani

P.S.: Bald sieht man sich ja, übrigens haben wir jetzt auch einen Blog eingerichtet.

Xand hat gesagt…

I wish you a happy new year!!
Greets Xand

Stephan hat gesagt…

Happy New Year, Bernhard!

I am sure you had a good start to 2009. We are still hanging around in 2008, but soon we will have finished it off properly...

Kilian and Laura love your pictures.



Stephan and Co

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello Bernhard,

It's been a while since I've loked at your site. Great photos of this tempel and certainly of those two sisters... You are really smart since you asked about their marital status to stay out of trouble!
I have one big complaint though: Please tell Roman (the Schnitzel guy) to put on a t-shirt because his body is quite disgusting!! If he refuses, he should repaint his ads to tell he is German... hehehe!!

I just returned from a 3-days ski-vacation in Wagrain with Mariella and the boys. Philip is now able to ride his snowboard and Jan rides his skier down the blue slopes! Don't you miss the snow??

Anyways, have fun and stay tuned!!