Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

Mui Ne - The Paradise

yesterday i had a nice kitesurfing day with 12 and 16m2 too.
at night i found the best local restaurant here in muie named lam tong! best seafood and cheap at seaside.
after that i met a nice girl named kim.

mui ne' is viet's paradise. i think you can compare it to hawai... but with much cheaper living cost to travel here ... beach front cottage hut and bungalo with a/c only $40 a night ... 5 courses fresh seafood dinner $8 for 2 peoples at LAM TONG local beach front restaurant many europeans and americans travelers know this place ... on the beach you will find professional Masseurs will offer to pamper your body with hot oil under the shade of the palm trees they will give you the massage of your life for 60 minutes and the cost is $5... mui ne's peoples and kids are so wonderful, friendly and helpful they alway smile and want to help to brighten your days (gratitute is appreciated but not required here) ... average viet's fishermen at mui ne making around $2 a day that why you see your money strechhhhhhhhhh and last much longer here in vietnam ...
on 24th of december at 17:00 i have to leave mui ne to saigon :( then i will go to cambodia on the 25th because my visa expire. i want to come back to vietnam if thailand is too much touristy perhaps with mr and mrs. chongo :)) ... i want to jump with the kite over the windsurfer chongo one time....

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Flo hat gesagt…

Dear Pork Barbecuer,

we can see everything is fine by you. Mui Ne loos like an awesome place....great. We still have only 12 days and then we will arrive South-East Asia....yeah ;-)

By the way it's the first place where you stay longer :-)))

We see us
Mr. Chongo