Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

Sa Pa to Hanoi

yesterday i drove back from sa pa to lao cai. the busses are driving many rounds through the city and they are totally overbooked. a women wanted to get out of the bus through a window, because she has a children and she said that's too dangerous... finally they managed to get a 2nd bus after some negotiations. what a big problem:)) at 9pm there was the nighttrain going down to hanoi from lao cai.

this day i visited the ho chi minh mausoleum in hanoi. i thought, i was in the army - because we had to walk in 2 rows to the mausoleum buildung.
there i could see the famous ho chi minh.

ho chi minh mausoleum

ho chi minh's most-cited maxime is "nothing is more important than independency and fredom"

after that i did some walking through the streets to the south from the station. there you can find people welding and working with the steel profiles on the streets.
on some places the traffic was really heavy and noisy - you can imagine there are now rules. only signal-horns are needed.
when i came out of the hanoi towers there just happened a bad accident. so vietnam is one of the countries with the highest death rate in accidents on the streets.

in the afternoon i walked around the lake hoan-kiem and there i met a really nice 23 years old girl from Yen Bai. her name is apple. we had a lot of fun together and finally we did one of the best meals i've ever eaten! REALLY!
we went out for food to the restaurant Quan an Ngon, 18 Phan Boi Chau. it is a very nice equipped open-air restaurant. we ate really different typical vietnamese meal there. the best was the chicken noodle soup with a little chilly :))the banana juice and the sweet potato with coco milk was very delicious too.
so i can really recommend hanoi for their wonderful eating. i hope in the future are will build a pedestrian zone....
nevertheless i had to leave hanoi city and apple at 7pm.

Quan an Ngon

apple - pls send me an email


Flo hat gesagt…

Hello Schorli,

hast schon ordentliche Chilli gegessen? Bist ja schon wieder ordentlich auf Achse ;-) ....slow down....Du hast ja noch 13 Wochen.

Liebe Grüße Flo & Dani

deini hat gesagt…

Hello Bernhard,

Do I need to write in Englisch or is it allowed to post in German?? I cannot believe you already lost your Austrian roots...come on man!
Ich bin beeindruckt von den vielen Bildern, die Landschaft mit Meer und Bergen hält wirklich alles für die bereit! Deine Begleitung sieht sehr nett aus, ist er auch aus demselben Holz geschnitzt?
Keep us posed dude!!

bernhard hat gesagt…

hi franz
i cann't lost my austrian roots!!
but i want to write this blog in english for my travelling friends too. so i can improve and you can learn the english language too! thats good - isn't it?
my girlfriend is hopefully not to be cut from the same cloth :))
cya bernhard