Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Chiang Mai to Pai

saweidi krap!
this day i drove with a rented supermoto kawasaki 250 d-tracker to pai and back to chiang mai. thats about 260k's two way.
there were 2 passes up to 1250m above sealevel with a lot of sharp curves in a wonderful autumn forest surrounded. great.
sometimes the back wheel was a little bit sliding - muhaaa
and the thailand car drivers doest many times come to my side - so it was very important to drive defensive :))) ok when needed.
in pai i saw a lot of muslims.

thats the geyser on the way to pai. 90 to 99C

mineral pool - but nothing for me (foot)

thats in a lisu village near pai ( they were playing a game while celebrating their happy new year (chinese happy new year)


i had there a very good lunch for 1 euro

chiang mai 122km

a lot of nice autumns colors

but i did not do many photos because riding the bike was better - i enjoyed it a lot.

i put the pics on the other side because in thailand it is needed to drive on the other side - you know - like in new zealand...

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