Freitag, 30. Januar 2009


last night i slept very less....
i was very lucky because on this friday (only once time a year) the governement is paying to the tuktukdrivers the salary to bring the tourists to the buddha temples.
i visited the custom tailor made shop (image collection)
i got into buying frenzy.... now i like bangkok city - really nice food and lot of interesting places and very good nightlife too

big buddha
i bought there 3 birds and gave them the freedom, before i praid for some wish...

lucky buddha

at the custom tailor made office

biggest buddha

600 years old

golden buddha


The Malaysian Explorer hat gesagt…

Glad you enjoyed yourself, though I think you have been scammed by the tuk-tuk. There is no such thing as a government tuk-tuk. You can read more about it here.

Visit Bangkok Page for quick facts and interesting information about Bangkok.

Visit Pattaya Page for quick facts and interesting information about Pattaya.

Visit Thailand Holidays and read about our recent holiday in Thailand.

bernhard hat gesagt…

i got scammed.
this morning i realised but i am happy because i only stop my creditcart payings to them and i will send these back. so it must be not a problem.
wow very strange all the people they worked for this scamming.