Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009


sawadie khrap!
yesterday i took the nighttrain from chiang mai to bangkok. travelling with the train was very nice - i slept very good in the 2nd class.
in the morning there was a big rush hour so the best transport is a motorbike not a tuktuk or a taxi...
i went to the hua chiev hospital but the doctor said to me its better to wait one more week for bringing out the stitches.
then i went to the canon customer service at the ma bun khrong center for cleaning my eos20d ccd chip because i am not possible to clean the chip (very dirty).
i tried the new canon eos5d mark2 (it costs 2100euro only the body)
it has a fully format sensor and it is possible to do full hd videos.
the price in geizhals is 2155euro - so its not much cheaper to but the camera in bangkok...

bangkok is a very clean nonsmoker city(2000 bht fee for throwing away some rubbish and more for smoking inside an official building or restaurant) but the air is very bad especially in the rushhour driving on a tuktuk...
kop khun khrap.
pop gan mai.

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