Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

Muang Ngoi

last day i did a boattour to sop jam village.thats the next village to the north on the nam ou river
from muang ngoi.

buffalo is thirsty

stalagtites outside on a overhanging rock

the vietnamese grow the rice
the cambodian looks when the rice grow
and the lao people listen while the rice grow.

bamboo is a very universal material

sop jam village
on the on side a lot of coconut and on the other side a nice rock for climbing... and a lot of weaving women

i was invited at mr sons house for dinner. mr mang is his brothers and he is working as a guide in nong kiao for tiger trail.
he will get married in odumxai at 27.2.2009

thats the nice rock behind - it must be good for climbing!!

mr son is planing

heading back to muang ngoi

that was in the morning when a lot of people from the villages came to the morning market ( thats every 10 days)

noodle soup ( for 1 euor for tourists, the local people pay the half)

thats mr mang - he invited me to his wedding party in oudumxai at 27.2.2009

what a big tomb (from one tree)
the sound is great!!

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