Freitag, 9. Januar 2009

4000 islands - don det and don khon

this day i drove with my bike around the islands don det and don khon.
what a quit place here.
it is the best here for relaxing and chilling!!!
beer lao is the best beer !!!
old trailway bridge

steam locomotive

christian cementery

linga ( male symbol for the shiva god from hinduism)

another waterfall near don khon

boatstour for watching the irrawaddy dolphins
i was not happy to see the shy small creatures.

a girl saw them one time for one and one time for a half second :))

riding the bike trough the jungle

uncrowded beach but not the best weather
the smile and working attitude is really relaxed here. woww
here we eastern european people can learn a lot from them

kids are playing football at school

4000 islands

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