Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Muang Sing

The last days i went to the northern region of laos to muang sing.
what a nice place for mtb and trekking and visiting hill tribes. no internet there, i counted only 5 tourists the first days here. wonderful!
i drove by myself with a rented mtb to the xieng thung stupa (very famous for the lue people) there i met some friendly monk who managed to left myanmar 2 years ago where 2500 monks were killed.
then i visited sobemaiis village (thats an akha village)
then some other villages and i drove to the chinese border, so i was with one foot in china :))
the sunset i spent at an very interseting akha villaged called namdaedmai near the chinese border.
i brought some soap for washing and some fruit for the children. it was very great to play with them.
it was very peaceful on the one hand and on the other:
some woman was threaten me to hit me with a piece of wood, because she thought i would pay some money for a picture, but thats i wouldn't do. i showed before her my camera and smiled so i thought it must be ok to take a picture....

what a long and hard work


this woman wanted to hit me with a piece of wood

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