Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

Nong Kiao - the day after my mountain accident

this day i went to the hospital in nong kiao with a friendly local people - he is a rice farmer called mang.
yesterday the men at my guesthouse told me there is no hospital. i should go to luang prabang!
lazy idiots!!

thats the map where i get into troubles...

thats a sitting place at my guesthouse ( thats a bomb)

thomas a funny guy from switzerland with the lady from the restaurant in the morning for having breakfast.

the local hospital in nong kiao - what a strange feeling in middle of the jungle

7 stitches without narcosis

the op costs me 6.5 euro :))
excluded the tip :))

that was the bus (old chinese model :)) from nong kiao to luang prabang. because in nong kiao there was no atm and in nam bak the internet in the bank didnt work since one work so i had to go to luang prabang - fuck...
it is not easy here the travelling in the northern countryside part of laos. woww
so i do this day some organisation for going to thailand and checking some cash...
so i have booked now a flight on 25.1 to chiang mai to thailand. lets see. first i thought i could visit the vietnamese happy new year and do some kitesurfing in mui ne again with chongo but now i changed my plans....
i hope i will get not an infection!!!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Bei de Preise würde ich doch gleich die Zähne richten und eine Augenlaserkorrektur machen lassen ;-)
Sie sollten mehr Werbung machen!

bernhard hat gesagt…

des mach i liaba in thailand
da sanns wirklich gut drauf.
denen in laos fehlt halt das ganze equiptment, de sind fachlich schon gut drauf.