Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Muang Sing

the last day i visited the seuadeang village and the houayhow village (akhadeejor)
there i drove uphill as far as possible and then i shifted my mtb on a jungle ridge. what a phantastic view.
then i met some hmong people from the kokmouang village they were carrying some wood for the house building to their village. they wondered how i got up here so heigh :))
they gave me an advice to should stop here and hike uphill. this i have done :))
it was very nice trekking their.
then i drove back the jungle path downhill. while the hmong people where carrying the wood downwards. they even could remember me at the market at the next days :))
funny. so i think in the next years you will see some minority people doing mtb in the jungle :))
ok - perhaps in the next 20 years...
lets see.
then i went to the sopeemai village.
the people there invited me for some green tea and then i paid one beer lao, then i visited their house and they cooked for me.
that was the first time i ate a dog. it was really good with a lot of rice and roasted chilli - wonderful dinner. i also have to smoke with them and drink alot of rice whisky (lao lao)
they wanted that i slept there but i felt a little bit scared, so i drove in the dusk drunk home for more then one hour:))
i guesthouse is a guesthouse. and some guide told me i was lucky that nothing happend to me, because there are many drug addiced people (opium) they need some money.....
seuadeang village

stg to make sacrifices to the nature ghosts

one people from the houayhoy village making some basket

the hmong (white) were amazed to see a crazy guy with a mtb here in the mountains and the national park ...

downhill action

another action...

akho village boy

sacrifice place

this people changed the tshirt to a nice white shirt when i asked them to take a picture.

sopeekau village (akha)

really dirty children

drinking tea

the family who invited me for dinner

that was the appetizer for the dog

old men drinking with me beerlao

cooking in the house

inside the house there were many chicken and dogs... very dirty and dusty.

last picture when i left the village

that is the washing place and it is about 1km away from the village

akha info


market in muang sing


here you can get ganja or opium for 2 euro

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