Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Banlung 2nd day

good evening!
this day was the waterfall day :))
i visited with my rented bike first the o'sinler waterfall (30km away) then the kachan and then the katieng waterfall where i saw some elephants.
after lunch i visited the cha ung waterfall (30m height)
nice dirty roads again with many minority people villages. nice and friendly.
this day i said for sure 50 times hello to the kids :))

in banlung near the bus station and the market

o'sinler waterfall (aka 7 steps waterfall)

something to eat *jummy*

everywhere the did some clearing

they have no electricity in their simple huts

katieng waterfall


cha ung waterfall

cha ung kaov village

kom san lake

the first hydrogen powerstation from cambodia

a plantage

sunset at eisay patamak mountain

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