Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009


bangkok is a small village...
7million people in the city and more then 10million included the outside suburbs...
the roads are smelling from the stinky tuktuks. but after one day you get used to it :))
i visited the jim tompson house musem and then the baiyoke tower 2 with 304m the highest building in thailand. it has 85 floors.

these piles were needed (309 pcs.and 65m depth)

The concrete jungle of central Bangkok

khaosan road - i stay there at the eastern end at the harn guesthouse. (250bht)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello Bernhard,
I highly apology! The last couple of weeks just flew by... I looked at your site just once but didn’t post any shit. I did not realize the column at the right to separate year 2008 and 2009 thus I additionally thought no news!
You seem to be at the sunny side of live! We are in the process of “Kurzarbeit” or even worse... thus your stories and pictures are just great to get a little distracted of the burden of “normal” live.
We got about 30cm of snow in Valentin, can you believe?? As you know this did not happen since years. I built with by two boys two big iglus until our clothes got totally soaked. It was really funny to see them vanish in a pile of snow...
Is your shin/ leg ok? The scarf looks pretty ugly, especially as I looked up who it all happened (shitty limestone). 7 stiches w/o any narcosis, what a though guy you are!!! I assume the ladies in white did a well job of getting you distracted somehow....
Please keep posting thus great photos, I promise to look them up more often!!
Stay in touch and especially stay well!!
PS: Thanks for your special dedication at 10th January (coffee time with croissants )