Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Scamming in Bangkok

last friday after a long night i wanted to go to visit the grand palace. on the way near the royal hotel a men told me the grand palace is now closed because of the buddha day. it will get open at 2pm, now the monks are praying...
(Thai people are not normally so forward. However, please give them the benefit of the doubt unless, of course, they give you the codeword "Big Buddha" or "Lucky Buddha". This is then their admission of guilt.)
he said he is an electrical engineer in the royal hotel and he showed me some nice temples at the map where i should go with the tukuk for only 20 bht because this day the government pay the tuktuk drivers...
yesterday at the tv there was an advertise and this morning i could read it in the newspaper he told me...
i said ok lets do it. why not.
then the tuktukdriver brought me to see the big buddha and the lucky buddha.
then i was brought to the tat office (government controlled travel agency) when you buy a ticket the tuktuk driver get some coupons for gasoline(200 bht).
then he brought me to a tailor made shop and then to the temple wat buranasari.
there a men told me i have to wait because the monks are praying.
i sat down and another tourist sat down and he told me he is on a short holiday trip for buying some jewellery and then he will sell it at home for the double price.
after some minutes a guy from germany ame to us and he told us he is also doing this every year.... what a bitch.
this is the last day for promotion (-20 percent)
so i decided lets go to this company and have a look.
then the tuktuk driver brought me to the erwawan lapidary.
there i bought a jewellery fake set for good money.
then they helped me with their taxidriver to get to the postoffice to sent it with ems and insurance back home.
then the taxidriver brought me to a temple far outside (50km away)
i think that is because you should not be able to do googling and stop the ems package before sending to overseas.... you know.
on the next day in the morning i did some internet search and put only erawan lapidary at the google search engine..... what a fuck...
so i decided to go to the touris police... they tried to catch the ems package before sending it back to austria, but i was send at 23:55 with the austrian airway to vienna already.
ok so my mother has to send it back to the tourist police at kaosan road.
thats why i am waiting here in bangkok, also because of my feet, last day the cut mt stitches...
the wound looks not really good, not good for climbing or diving....
now i think also the police is corrupted too.
some policestation get 2 million bht per month from these companies. i think they earn a lot of money from the naive tourists.

thats why i decided to go to the ministry of commerce.

The buyer need to make complaint at this office:
Center of Complaints room 20301
Internal Trade Building Ministry of Commerce
44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Rd. Muang district
Nonthaburi 11000
Tel. 025475356

because i was naive and get scammed by the jewellery mafia would like to write this article that you won't have these problems in future.
now i get to know that the tourist police is corrupted too for sure. everyone here is courrupted. woww.

this is the wat brunasari near the sanam luang.
where a men from signapur said to me he is on a short holiday trip to buy jewellery and to sell it at home with the double price.

this is the fucking german bitch who told me he flews every year to thailand for buying some jewellery and to sell it at home for at least the double price...
at this temple i met before him a tourist from signapour (he is a thai guy) and said me the same story...
btw: this photo i have done 2 days later at an undercover photo shooting tour. i gave this picture the tourist police. they will wait for more actions, then they bring him into prison for at least 5 years.... i will get the picture when he is sitting in the jail.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Schorli!

Jetzt wissen wir endlich was Du mit Betrug gemeint hast, in einem dieser besagten Juwelier Geschaefte waren wir auch, wir haben so ziemlich genau die gleiche Tour wie Du gemacht - nur nichts gekauft - wie man sieht war das eine gute Entscheidung, denn Dani wollte schon fast was kaufen.

Hoffen wir das Dir nicht noch einmal so etwas passiert.

Liebe Gruesse
Flo & Dani

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Bernhard!
i glaub du hast ein bisserl zuviel geld am sparbuch...

i hoff du kriagst die kohle wieder zurueck.

vielleicht sollt ma dort einen vfek ausflug hinmachen und ein bisserl mafia-bertn knueppeln...

du haettest besser ein tiger-baby kaufen sollen. die sind das geld sicher wert.


bernhard hat gesagt…

this day i had a negotiation ath the ministry of commerce.
i got 90% refund back by visa cash.
the other money i will get back from visa hopefully.
yeah vfek trip to bangkok - muhaaa
the problem is, the whole bangkok is corrupted especially touristpolice tuktuk driver,...

Anonym hat gesagt…


Great that you got your money back.

Corruption is really shit. Hard to get rid of. If you ever win in a lottery you should spend a few million to get the guys locked up.

See you,


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Bernhard,

Das gleiche ist mir vor nem Monat in BKK passiert, mit genau dem selben deutschen A....

Fliege naechste Woche zurueck um mein Geld wiederzubekommen, mach mir nur etwas Sorgen wie ich dort hinkomme, vor allem bei allem was man ueber die Taxis hoert. Koenntest du so nett sein und mir schreiben wie du zum DIT gekommen bist und was du bezahlt hast?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.


Thomas hat gesagt…

Mich haben die auch erwischt, ich bin aber schon wieder in Österreich. Könntest du mir sagen, was du gemacht hast, bzw. weisst du,was ich machen kann, um zumindest einen Großteil meines Geldes zurück zu bekommen. Ich wäre dir sehr sehr dankbar, wenn du mir Antworten könntest.