Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009


yesterday i went with two austrian guys to the north of patong!
there is a very nice quit lagoon!
not many farangs like in patong beach.
you can imagine the destroying of the tsunami on 26.12.2004....
this day i did only relaxing at paradise beach


paradise beach near patong

shopping center in patong

attention please
the bangla rd is the main bar road at patong!
a must to visit...


من أجل التمكين hat gesagt…

what do you know about islam ?


Anonym hat gesagt…

what do you know about the Muhammad cartoons?

maybe also a bit off-topic? but at least funny.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Bernhard,

I just spot the sign....any chances of getting such a sign purchased and brought to Austria??
I would know some places to put, eg the "Pfandl" in Valentin.....

WE got 30cm of snow powder in Valentin......poor Bernhard, i go snowbarding tomorrow, hochkar 2,4m!!!!!!