Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

scamming solution day

this day i got the jewellery from austria and so i went to the minstry of commerce in nontuburi and had a negotiation with erawan lapidary.
finally i got 90% refund back. i am now happy and more clever....
the tourist police offered me 80% refund and i have to pay the tourist police 20000bht (corruption)
the austrian embassy said to me only they cannot do anything, i should work with the tourist police....
and they gave me some "good" lawyer, but with not a big chance to win..

this was the place where i got my money after some negotiations back.

Center of Complaints room 20301
Internal Trade Building
Ministry of Commerce
44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Rd.
Muang district
Nonthaburi 11000
Tel. 025475356

btw: Thailand is according to the Global Corruption Report 2008 from Transparency International on 80th place, with Brasilia, Burkina Faso, Marokko and Saudi Arabia. the list is about 180 countries, bottom of the table is Myanmar (178) and Somalia (180).

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