Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009


last day i took the nightbus to bangkok and went straight ahead to pattaya for looking the kitesurf beach... and there is wind - wowww! you will not believe this.
Pattaya, named after the strong winds which come from the South West at the beginning of every rainy season. Pattaya, up until 40 years ago was just a sleepy fishing village, the Vietnam war changed this. America sent soldiers to build the air base at U Tapao (40km sout of Pattaya) and many of these took to spending their leisure time and money in Pattaya.
nevertheless i am now not able to go to the sea ( there is a possibility to buy a glue and glue the wound, but i decided to take more care about my healthiness - wow i will get clever and clever....)
at the evening i visited the sanctuary of truth.

the kitebeach is in the south of the jomtien beach!
the kite rental is about 3000bht for one day...

shit happens!

lagoon kitesurfing

thats the highest building made of wood of the world (100m heigh and 100m wide)

the sanctuary of truth!!

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