Freitag, 27. Februar 2009


last days i did some shopping tour in bangkok with my "Tilak"
i visited also the sister and brothers from her family in nonthuburi, but the girls family is from sakon.
me, oil's sister with her baby ekeu and oil

the boy from her sister learning thai alphabet

they invited me for a thai papaya salat pet pet (very spicy). a loy mak mak!
i can eat every thai food now - i enjoyed it a lot the spicy thai food.

she prefer more the tuktuks, i dont like tuktuks (bababobo and peng mak)
i think taxi and bts is the best way for transport in bangkok.
the buses are only interesting for some routes

praying to buddha at wat chai chana songkhram near khaosan road

wai (thai greeting)

oil and bernhard
(pom ja ow kun tam mia!)

yesterday at 23:55 local time i did a 12 hrs flight with aua from bangkok to vienna.

oebb (2 hrs and a half from vienna to losenstein)

in bangkok i had 35°C
in losenstein i have 5°C
in 22 days we will get spring so i am looking forward to do some nice summersports again! ok perhaps some snowkiting at lipno or some nice skitours would be also great... we will see.

thats it! i feel now sad! it was such a nice trip with a lot of nice experiences and many new friendships... i met a lot of interesting people. the buddhism religion has fascinated me alot because the people are so poor but they feel really satisfied happy and have compassion, freedom, faith, confidence balance and complete mental and spiritual freedom.
i think we western people can learn a lot from the buddhism. ok reincarnation is not my thing but i like the art of happiness!
i had some problems with my mountainaccident and with the scamming in bangkok. but nevertheless i am very happy to have visited southeastasia!
i am sure i will do a new trip like this one in the future, perhaps serengeti? whats your suggestions?

so i hope i can meet you in the near future for some drinks at cafe treff or somewhere else.
thx for reading and writing some comments to my blog - i hope it was interesting and funny to see some pictures.
cya bernhard

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009


yesterday i visited the pantip plaza - thats the main IT&Electronic-shopping center of thailand.
you get here every software for only about 3 euro...
what software do you like - just send me an email until this evening! up to you.
inside pantip plaza

5 floors full of electronic stuff for electronic nerds like for instance HP (you know!)

thats in geizhals for 15000bht (333euro)

this is in geizhals for 27675bht (615euro)
so comparing is here very good.
not everything is cheaper than in europe, but i think bargaining is here also possible...

what software do you need?

pantip plaza

Montag, 23. Februar 2009


sawadee krap!
yesterday i drove in the night with the motorbike through pattaya, there are alot of beerbars with neon lights -many many. you can imagine alot of farangs with young thai girls!
this day i drove to the phra tamnak hill and to the rama IX memorial park.
there you have a nice view over the city of pattaya.
then i visited the jomtien beach for relaxing.

view from my room at the surf beach hotel at jomtien beach
there is a windsurf championship from 3-5. april 2009

pattaya beach

king rama IX

iced coffee is very important in the morning at 26 degrees centigrade

its coffeetime!

pom rag kun

beach at a hotel near pattaya beach

big buddha of pattaya

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009


last day i took the nightbus to bangkok and went straight ahead to pattaya for looking the kitesurf beach... and there is wind - wowww! you will not believe this.
Pattaya, named after the strong winds which come from the South West at the beginning of every rainy season. Pattaya, up until 40 years ago was just a sleepy fishing village, the Vietnam war changed this. America sent soldiers to build the air base at U Tapao (40km sout of Pattaya) and many of these took to spending their leisure time and money in Pattaya.
nevertheless i am now not able to go to the sea ( there is a possibility to buy a glue and glue the wound, but i decided to take more care about my healthiness - wow i will get clever and clever....)
at the evening i visited the sanctuary of truth.

the kitebeach is in the south of the jomtien beach!
the kite rental is about 3000bht for one day...

shit happens!

lagoon kitesurfing

thats the highest building made of wood of the world (100m heigh and 100m wide)

the sanctuary of truth!!

Samstag, 21. Februar 2009


this day i visited the wat chat luang and drove to the phrom thep cape for sunset.

wat chad luang

wat chat luang with mrs. oil

phrom thep cape


bangla road in pattong

no money no honey??

bangla area map

bangla road

ladyboy (Katoi)